How to greet customer and in office

A – Hello.

B – Hello.

A – How are you feeling?

B – All right. Thanks

A – And how are you?

B – I’m very well. Thanks.

A – Good evening. Can I help you?

B – Good evening We’re just looking round your store.

A – Okay.

B – We’ll come to you if we decide to buy anything

A – You’re welcome.

A - Hi, Manisha.
B - Hi, Vijay.
A - Did you enjoy the film last night?
B - Yes, it was quite good.
A - How was the music?
B - I think it is remarkable. Rehman has scored well.
A - What about story and screen play?
B - Mmm… Not bad… I feel it could have been done better.
A - What else .. or… photography?
B- That I’d say is the most striking feature at the mm
Mani Rathnam has done a wonderful job.

M – Manager       8 – Sales Promoters

M – Good morning gentlemen

S – Good morning sir.

M – Can l have your sales report, please?

S – Yea. They are ready sir. Here you are.

M – Thank you everyone… I’ll bo pleased If you clarify things as
I have a glance at your reports.

S- Yes, sir… that’s easy.

S – Seller        C – Customer

S – Good afternoon, madam. Can I help you?

C – Good afternoon. Mmm   I’m looking for some souvenirs.

S – Would you like to have a look at our handicraft goods, Here
are some hand loom dresses…. Some ivory carvings and
metal carvings, we have some beautiful bed spreads and
some lovely shawls…

Greeting or congratulate other some sample scenrio

On one’s passing his/her examination.

A -   Congratulations Kamal. I hear that you have passed with top marks.
B – Thank you Ajit.
A – Well done: keep it up. AH the best.
B – Thank you once again.

On one’s birthday.

A - I’m 16 today, Roshan.

B -Well, Congratulations. Banu.

A- Thank you very much.

Happy Birthday. Banu.
Yes. Many Happy Returns.
Thank you all tor coming to the party.


On one’s engagement or on one’s wedding.

A -   Kavitha. I’m engaged to Vinod.

B -   Oh. Congratulations Prabna When is the big day?

A -   You moan our wedding?

B -   That’s right

A – I m no! sure yet; but we hope to marry sometime m March

On one’s appointment to a new Job or on one’s getting his/her promotion

A – Hello. Sunder. Congratulations. I hear that you’ve been promoted as the Manager of IClCI Bank.
B – Thank you Ramesh.

A – You deserve ft for your talent and your hard work. My best wishes. Good luck with your new position
B – It’s very nice of you. Ramesh.

On one’s wedding anniversary.

A – Hello, is it Aysha /

B – Yes, Aysha speaking. /

A – Hello Aysha, it’s me, Meena.

B – Listen! I’m having a party on Saturday Can you come?

A – Why. What’s the special occassion ?

B – Us my third wedding anniversary. Aysha.

A – Oh. Congratulations. Meena.” But I’m sorry I can’t come. I’m
going to my cousin’s wedding in Cochin.

B – Never mind. Perhaps next time Bye

A – Bye

Expressing our emotion – basic and simple sentence

A -   My goodness! It’s very hot and humid in Chennai today.

B -   Anita, it must be quite different in Bangalore now

A -   Yes, it’s cool and fine there. The mercury doesn’t go above 22″ Celsius.

B -   Is it like spring m England?

A –   Almost like spring, flowers begin to bloom

Eg:- Oh! Expressing Interest, surprise

Oh I How nice to see you Gopi!

Oh!  Look ft s raining! What a good thing for our paddy crop

Ah! Expressing satisfaction, recognition

Ah! That’s fine.

Ah! There he is. I thought he wouldn’t turn up.

Hey’ /hey/ Calling someone’s attention (Not polite)

A – Hey, look at that!

B – Oh dear! What on earth is this!

A – That’s the skeleton of a dinosaur

B – Where on earth did they find this?

A – They dug n out in China.

B – My goodness, such a huge animal!

M-Meena         A – Ami

M -   Hey! Mind the rocks. Anna. They took quite slippery.

A –    Won’t you keep quiet for once, Meena. Let me go on to that rock and take a            photo.

M -   Anita, be direful!  Those rubber slippers of yours don’t look quite right for wet         rocks.

Ooh! Expressing pleasure

A -   Ooh, how lovely! Shall we take this doggy home Mummy?

B-    Yes. If you warn to

A -   Thank you very much Mummy

Ow! / also Ouch! / aut /

A -   Ow, it really hurts’ doctor.

B – What happened?

A –   I played football and have sprained my leg.

how to Making Requests

We can use one of the following language expressions

when we want to get something done by someone for us.

“Wilt’ ‘can’ ‘Could’ and Would’ are used for more polite requests.

We are making polite requests when we show consideration for others feelings and wishes. We show more politeness to important people and unfamiliar people. The more words we use the more polite we are.

1. Will you open the window for me please?

2. Can you carry mil bog for me, please?

3. Please, would you help me find my way?

4. Please, could you loll me how to dial this phone?

5. I wonder if you could cash this cheque for me

6. Would you mind calling a call taxi for me?

7. Could I speak lo Dr. Sajeev please?

8. Be generous will your gifts for the orphan children?

9. We hope you will publish this?

10. Could I sit next to you?

11. You’ll tell us about your tour in Singapore, won’t you?

12. Love your Planet; Leave it a better place for your children and grand children I

Asking For and Giving Directions

We can use a number of language expressions to perform the function
of asking for and giving directions.

When you approach or interrupt or call a stranger on the  street to ask for direction it is always polite to say

“Excuse me” first and say please at the end.

Language Expressions

1. Excuse me, where is the post office, please?

2. Excuse me, can you show me the way to the bus stop, please?

3. Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the Secretariat, please?

4. Excuse me. Is there a pharmacy near here?

5. Excuse me, could you direct me to the Adyar Cancer Institute, please?

6. Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the railway station please?

7. I wonder if you could tell me the way to the IIT, please?

8. Would you mind my asking you the way to the Film city, please?

9. Excuse me guys, can anyone of you tell me where the Planetorium is?

10. Excuse me, How can I get to the Public Library, please?

11 .Excuse me, what train is it to Trichy?

12. I’m sorry for troubling you, where about is the Government Press, please?

How to express our suggestion example sentence

A- Shall we watch a video now?

B- Oh no! We watched one last night.

A- How about a game of cards, then?

B- Well, let’s play a game or two.

A- I’ll get the cards packet.

B- Why don’t you study medicine?

A- Oh no! I’m very weak in my Biology.

B- Then, what are you planning to do?

A- I hope to study music and Sound Engineering.

B- If that’s your interest you go ahead with it.

A- Thank you for your advice.

B- It’s a lovely day! What shall we do?

A- Let’s go to the beach.

B- Oh no, it’s boring-

A- Well, let’s play some music.

B- O.K. I’ll get my keyboard. You’d better bring your guitar.

A – Well, I’ll bring it now.

A – What’s on Star T.V. tonight?

B – Shall we watch the Football World Cup at 9.30?

A – No, I don’t like football.

B – Well, let’s watch Terminator 2.

A – What channel is it on?

B – It’s on HBO

A – You don’t look very well. What’s the matter with you?

B – I’ve got a headache and fever.

A – Why don’t you take some aspirin?

B – I’ll take some.

A – You ought to rest a little then.

B – You’re right. I think I will.

A- Rohan has sprained his leg. What shall we do?

B- Shall we give him a massage?

C – I don’t think we should give him a massage.

A – Then what do you suggest?

C – We’d better bind his ankle with a wet bandage.

A – I’ve lost my dog.

B – Why don’t you put an advertisement in the local evening paper?

A- That’s a good idea. You’ll help me to write it, won’t you?

B- Certainly.

Conversation with other people by some basic question

A – Could you lend me your pencil?

B – Of course, here you are.

A – Thank you very much.

B- Will you lend me your dictionary for a while?

A- I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t. I’m going to use it myself now.

B – Never mind. I’ll ask someone else.

A -   Would you move along a bit please?

B – Sure!

A – Thank you.

A – Could you tell me the time, please?

B- Certainly, It’s half past eight.

A- Could you possibly change fifty rupees please?

B – I’m sorry, I can’t. The cashier may be able to help you

A – Thank you, I’ll try him.


A- Could you possibly look after my bag?

B- I’m sorry I’m getting off at the next station. That boy may be able to.

A- Never mind, I’ll carry it to the restaurant car.

A- I wonder if you could lend me your bike for some time?

B- I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t. I’m getting ready to go to the town.

A- That’s all right, I’ll go by bus.


A – Could you tell me the way to the HSBC Bank please?

B – Yes, you walk as far as the temple and take the second right.

A – Mm… Second right, then.

B – There you will see the HSBC bank opposite the post office.

A – Thank you very much.

B – You’re welcome.

A – Where’s the nearest bus stop please?

B – You turn left into the main road and walk straight up to the traffic lights.

A – Then….?

B – You’ll find the bus stop a 50 meters beyond the traffic lights.

A – Thank you.

B – Not at all.

A – Do you have the time, please?

B – Yes, it’s getting on to 4.

A – I wonder if you could tell me how to get to the Public Library?

B – Yes. You take 47A bus and get off at the Eye Hospital.

A – Yes. Eye Hospital,… and then… ?

B – You walk across the cross road along the flyover…

A – Fly over…. Okay….

B – You’ll see the Library on your right as you go past the Maternity Hospital and the       commissioner’s office on your left. You can’t miss it.

A – Thanks… a lot.

B – Not at all…

A – Where’s the post-office, please?

A -   Where’s the post-office, please?

B -   It’s near the temple.

A-    Is there a pharmacy near here?

B-    Yes, there is one on Flower’s Road and another on Nelson’s Street.

A-    Any idea as to where the Apollo studio is?

B-    Yes, it’s over there… you can see it.

A-    Ah… Thank you.

Extending our help by asking questions

A -   Could I fill it up, please?

B -   Sure, shall I check the oil as well?

A -   Yes, I want the tiers also checked.

B –   Certainly, I’ll do it sir.

A -   Thank you.

A -   Could I have the bill, please?

B -   Certainly sir, I’ll bring it straight away.

A -   Shall I take these trays away sir?

B -   Wait, I’ll finish my coffee, quickly.

A-   It’s a present. Do you think you could gift wrap it for me?

B –   Yes, indeed, I’ll take the price tag off.

A -   Put a nice name tag please.

B -   Yes, I’ll do that, madam.

A -   I’ll give you a lift if you like.

B –   That’s great. Would you drop me at the bus stand please?

A -   Oh, yes.

A-    Would you mind opening the window?

B-    Not at all, it’s very stuffy in here.

A -   Could I have extension 2387, please?

B -   I’m afraid the line is engaged at the moment Do you want to hold?

A -   Never mind, I’ll call again after fifteen minutes.

A -   Yes, madam, can I help you?

B -   Yes l bought these sandals two days ago and the heels have come off. Can            you change them?

A -   Oh, dear. I’m sorry. I’ll just see if we’ve got another pair for you.

A -   Turn that wretched music down will you?   Or better still turn it off.

B -   Oh, all right.

A -  It’s really sickening son.

Some basic English sentence to offer our help

A -   Jaya, will you come here a minute?  Could you get me the file on sales in                 Andhra? I just need to check something.

B -   Here you are, sir.

A -   Oh, and Jaya, I’d love a cup of tea, if that’s at all possible

B -   Yes. Mr. Mano.

A -   Good evening sir.

B -   Good evening, Mano.  I sent for you… because I want to have a discussion              with you.

A -   What’s it about sir?

B -   It’s about launching our new product…

A -   Which one sir? The soap powder or the toothpaste

B -   It’s the new soap powder. I think we need an advertising campaign on T.V.and         in the press.

A -   That’s fine sir. We can really push this product that way.

B -   Would you mind looking after the TV. Mano! Is that all right?

A -   Certainly sir, it’s a pleasure.

B -   And I’ll deal with the press and the F.M. Radio if it’s very necessary.

A -   I think the F.M. Radios too have a wider reach these days.

B -   Then well have that as well Mano.   I hope this campaign would bring us the           desired results.

A -   I’m sure, it will sir.

B -   Thank you Mano and get started today itself.

A -   Okay sir.

B -   All the best Mano.


G – Ganga       P – Preethi       S – Sekar

G -   Goodbye Preethi. Have a good flight. I’ll miss you very much
P -   Ganga dear. It’s been nice seeing you in Pans again. I’M ring you up as soon            as I get back

G -   I’ll call you too Give my love to everyone at home in Chennai

S -   Goodbye Preethi. Have you got everything? That’s good.
G -   Goodbye Sekar   Thank you for everything (Preethi goes through the departure         gate).

S -   Ganga, you look sad. Come on, cheer up! Preethi will come again. Let’s get            back to the car park I hope I left the doors locked.

G -   I hope you did too. There are sometime bad elements around at these                   airports…

A -   Bye – mum, see you soon!

B -   Well, goodbye son.   Look after yourself. Don’t forget to write darling.

I) Other casual forms of saying ‘Goodbye’
a) Among friends or younger boys and girls

See you later guys

Yes O.K. Bye

b) One student might say to another.

A -   ‘Well I’m off now’. I’ll see you.

B -   ‘Yes, sure next week possibly. . Okay, fine. Bye.

C – Cherio-Bye

Some more formal or polite forms of goodbye

a) To someone you know a little, for example somebody you have met on the road.

A – Well, I look forward to seeing you again.

8 – Yes, that would be nice.

A – Bye bye … (Goodbye)

B – Bye bye. {Goodbye)

b) To someone you have met just now.

A -   Well, It’s been really nice meeting you I hope we meet again
sometime. Goodbye.

B – Goodbye.

C) We say ‘Goodbye’ on leaving someone at night or when going to bed.

A – It’s time to go to sleep, Sita.
B – Yes, Goodbye, mum.
A – Bye darling.

d) A – Goodbye Kalyani.

B – Goodbye Narmada. Have a nice evening.
A – Thanks Kalyani. See you tomorrow.

At weekends to school and college mates, colleagues, teachers

A – Goodbye Soorya. Have a good journey.

B – Thank you very much Haran. See you next Monday.

A – Yes, of course. Goodbye.