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English conversation tips to Express likes and dislikes

‘I’d like’, we’d Like, to express likes and dislikes.
L – Lady                H – Husband         W – Walter

L – What do you want please?

H – Coffee.

L – I’d like an orange juice and my husband would  like a coffee

W – Yes madam

A- Do you like cooking?

B – Yes. I like cooking.

A – Do you like watching TV?

B – I don’t like watching TV. But I like reading a tot.

A – Oh! really. What do you read?

B – Papers, magazines, short stories and what not

A – I like tea but I don’t coffee.

B – I really like apples, but not grapes

A – I like a glass of milk after dinner

B – I don’t like milk very much.

A – I eat some jam for my breakfast.

B – I take some cakes and biscuits.

Two girls talking about their likes and dislikes

A – I don’t like tea

B – Oh! …I do. Well, Sometimes, but coffee is horrible.

A – Yeah

B – I don’t like buttermilk either. My dad does end my mum; They have it every day.

A -I quite like apple juice but it can be really too sweet and ‘yuk’*.

A – I love fruits!  When my dad has some, I always take some.

B – Milk… I like milk.

A – Me too, especially on cereal…

B – I like some plantains only for dinner.

A – I like bread, but only when there’s nothing else

B – MMM… I love bread and cheese

A – I hate cheese, but I adore ice cream. MMM… any ice cream….

B – So do I…

B – I’m crazy of ice cream, and chocolate, lovely chocolate.

A – MMM… Chocolate…! I quite like rice and curry but not a lot.

B – Me, too. But I like fruit. Yeah, I like fruit, especially mangoes, oranges and              apples.

A – Oranges are boring; but plantains are okay.

B – I like plantain juice, with a bit of milk and sugar.

A – Oh… Yuk… That’s disgusting.

B – No it isn’t… Err… I don’t like eggs at all. What   about the next…? Biscuits Yes.         Sandwiches… No tomatoes… Yuk.

A – Noodles,…yes… Pizzas… Yes.

A – Do you like fruit, sir…?

B – Yes. I like all sort of fruit.

A – What would you like to have now?

B – I’d like some ripe mangoes.

Basic English conversation AT A RESTAURANT


W – Waiter        C – Customer

W- Yes, please. What next

C – Hello. Can I have chicken and fried rice please?

W – Salt and pepper?

C – Yes please.

W – Anything else?

C – Yes, two plantains and a milk shake.

W – Twenty, Thirty, Thirty five rupees.

C – Here you are. Thank you.

A – Anu        F – Father        S – Sindhu

A -   I really enjoy rice and curry.

F -   You’re sure it wasn’t too hot?

A – No. It was quite hot, but not too hot. I wouldn’t mind a cold drink, though.

F – I’m not sure a cold drink is the best thing, if you found the
curry a little hot for you it’ll probably make you hotter and give you hiccups

S – Yes I think he’s right. Can I offer you some fruit instead?

F – A good idea. Why not have slice of pineapple? They are
very sweet and juicy just now. Shall I cut you a slice?

A – Yes. Please it looks very nice.

A – Shop assistant       C – Customer

A -   Good morning Madam!

C -   Good morning!

A -   Can I help you?

C -   Mmm.   I’m looking for some gift articles

A-     Would you like to look at some wood carvings? Here are some ivory statues…          Some silver bangles…

English exercise – find the word

Do and see: Fun With Words

Fill in these words, using the clues given: all of them have a prefix or a suffix

writing, indiscipiline, spinning, impossible, injustice, immobiie, unreal. kindness, teacher,cruel

unfair treatment -
a fantasy -
being rude -
beyond the scope of -
disorderly –
not moving –
one who teaches -
a quality -
making thread -
representing on paper -