At the restaurant – English conversation

Asha : Shall we sit at that table, near the window?

Lekha : Yes, we shall.

Eswari : What shall we have first?

Asha : I think I’ll have some cheese-sandwiches first.

Lekha : Let me have a look at the menu and then decide.

Eswari : I would like to have a mushroom pizza.

Lekha : I prefer masala dosa.

Asha : Let’s call the bearer and place the order.

Eswari : Bearer, could we place the order?

Bearer : Yes, Ma’m. What would you like to have?

Lekha : Please bring us one plate of cheese-sandwiches, one mushroom pizza and one masala dosa.

Eswari : What else would you two like to have?

Asha : Samosas.

Lekha : Yes, and some potato chips too.

Bearer : Yes, Ma’m. (The dishes are served and they eat.)

Eswari : Asha, please pass me that glass of water.

Lekha : Eswari, would you like to have some more chips?

Eswari : No, thank you.

Asha : Lekha, that samosa is for you. Please have it.

Eswari : Care for some coffee?

Lekha : Tea, for me.

Eswari : Asha, what would you prefer?

Asha : I would rather like to have vanilla ice cream.

Eswari : Bearer! Please get us one cup of tea and one cup of vanilla ice cream. Do you have rose milk?

Bearer : Yes, Ma’m. It’s available.

Eswari : Then, I would like to have a glass of rose milk, please. (After they finish.)

Eswari : Bearer! Please bring us the bill.

Asha : Eswari, Lekha and me shall wait in the lobby. You can pay the bill and join us there.

Eswari : Yes, I’ll do that.

(Asha and Lekha leave. The bearer brings the bill and Eswari pays.)

Eswari : Thank you, Sir!

Bearer : Thank you, Ma’m!

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