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how to start conversation in nice way

11. Hi. How are you feeling?

12. Hello, how nice of you?

13. Hello, welcome bock.

14. Hello, pleased to meet you.

15.Hi, How’s life?

Now let’s look at some dialogues.

A – Hello, Good morning Ajit.

B – Hello. Good morning, Srtram.

A – Hallo. Good morning, Madam.
B – Hello. Good morning. Revalhi.

A – Hello, Good afternoon friends.
B – Hello. Good afternoon, Rani.

A – Hello. Good evening sir.
B – Hello, Good evening boys.

A – Hello, Raj, How are you?

B – Fine, thank you, and you, Ravi?

A – I’m OK. Thanks.

A – Hi. Roshan! How are you?

B – Not bad; tanks, and you?

A – Very well. How are your wife and children, Roshan?

B – They’re fine.

A – Good morning everybody

B – Good morning Mr Annnd

A – Hello. Rajiv, how are you today?

B – Pine, sir.

A – How are you Vlkram?

C – I am fine. Thank you Anand, and you?

A – Very well. Now let’s talk business

A – Hello.

B – Hello

A – How are you getting on?

B – Very well Thanks.

A – And how are you?

B – I’m fine. Thanks.

Here some language expressions used to greet people.


Here some language expressions used to greet people.

1.   Hello, good morning, Sachin.

2    Hi, Dhanraj, How do you do?

3. Hello, good afternoon, madam.

4. Hello, good evening, Usha.

5. Hello, everybody.

6. Hello, Rahul, How are you?

7. Hi, How goes life?

8. Hi, How are you doing?

9. Hello, How’re your getting on?

10. Hello, How’re things with you?

A greeting is what you soy when you meet your friends and people who are dose to you.

‘Hello’ also spelt ‘Hullo’ is a common form of greeting.

Hi’ is another popular form of greeting among  young friends but

‘Hi’ is not polite when you greet your teachers, your
elders or your employers.


H – Henry       D-Dad       M- Mary

H -   Mary, this is my father. Dad this Is Mary.
D -   Pleased to meet you Mary.
M – Nice to meet you.

W – Wife       H – Husband

W – Hello darling! Welcome back. Are you tired?

H – Yes I am, and cold…

W – Yes, sit down and have a cup of coffee

H – Mmm… Thank you. I’m hungry too.

T-Teacher        C – Children

T – Good morning children.

C – Good morning, sir.

T – Can I have your home work, please?

C – Here they are sir.

T – Thank you.

A – Good morning. Chandru

B- Good morning. Babu

A – Did you enjoy your week-end?

B – Oh yes. We had a nice time. We went swimming, fishing

and boating It was very interesting
A – Then I think you’ve reamed enough to restart work this Monday

B – Of course, actually I’m recharged for the next five days.

K – Hi. Good evening. Murali

M – Hi. Good evening, Krishna.. Jogging?

K – Yes to bum some more calories. I want to lose a kilo or two

M – That’s not easy, Murali.

K – I know. I know, but nothing like trying

M – My advice you to go on diet…

K – I’m afraid I can’t agree with you because dieting kills your stamina as well.

MD – Managing Director       S – Mrs. Siva

M – How do you do Mrs. Siva?

S – How do you do?

M – You’re from our office in Delhi, aren’t you?

S – Yes, that’s right.

M – Welcome to Chennai.

S – Chennai is really nice. It’s really very big

M-Mahesh        B – Balu        A-Anita        R – Rangan

M – Hello everybody!

B – Meet Anita, Rangan. Anita, this is Mahesh.
A -   Glad to meet you.

M -   Glad to meet you too. Shall I order some ice cream?
R -   That’s marvellous! Is it okay for you Anita?

S- Soorya       V-Vijay
S -   Hello, Vijay. How are you?

V -   Fine. How are things with you?

S -   Not too bad. I haven’t seen you for sometimes.

V -   I know I’ve been busy at office.

S -   How about dropping in at my house one day next week?

V -   Yes. Let’s make it Saturday or Sunday.

S – Saturday is a good day for me. Come for dinner.

V – Good I’d be there at 7.00 o’clock. See you there.
S – See you on Saturday. Bye.

V – Bye

how can we offer our service to others, example sentence

Here are some types.

Type A Shall I                           verb (….)?

Do you want me to+      verb (….)?

Would you like me to       verb (….)?

A – Shall I carry your bag for you?

B – Yes, please. It’s too heavy. I can’t carry it

A – Do you want me to buy the tickets’?

B – Yes, please. I’ll look alter my bags and wait for Ravi here.

A – Would you like me to call the doctor?

B – No. thanks. I will wait till this evening if I don’t get better
I’ll call myself.  Don’t worry now.

Type B Would you like

Do you want

A -   I’m thirsty

B -   Would you like some Fanta?

A-    No. thanks.

B-    Would you like some apple juice?

A-   Oh, yes please.

A –   I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat?

B –   Do you want some biscuits?

A –   No. thanks. I’d like some sandwich.

B -   Cheese or ham?

A –   Cheese and ham please.

Type C Imperative + noun phrase

A -   Have another slice of cake. Help yourself.
B -   Ok, just one slice.
A -   Try one of these chocolates
B -   Yes please. They’re really tasty.
A -   Help yourself to more coffee.
B -   No thanks. I’m, full I think.

Type B structures are also used in offering a choice between two (or more) things.

A -   Would you like tea or coffee?

B -   I’d like some coffee, please.

A – Black or milk?

B – Milk please

A – Do you want your coffee sweet?

B – Not too sweet, please.

A – Would you like a drink?

B – Yes please. Some Coke is nice.

A – Would you like to have some cakes?

B – No, thanks. I’m not hungry,

A – Would you like a cigarette?

B – No. thanks, I don’t smoke.

A – Are you ready to order your meal sir?

B – Yes. I’d like a roll, please.

A – Have some jam with your bun.

B – No, thanks. I don’t like it. I wouldn’t like it too sweet.

A – What drink do you like sir?

B – We’d like a glass of lime juice.

A – Here’s the lime juice sir.

B – We’d like a glass of lime juice with soda.

A – Have another cream cake my dear. They are delicious!

B – I couldn’t, I’m full.

A – Oh…. Go on man!

B – Well, all right, just one more. That chocolate one

Conversation with other people by some basic question

A – Could you lend me your pencil?

B – Of course, here you are.

A – Thank you very much.

B- Will you lend me your dictionary for a while?

A- I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t. I’m going to use it myself now.

B – Never mind. I’ll ask someone else.

A -   Would you move along a bit please?

B – Sure!

A – Thank you.

A – Could you tell me the time, please?

B- Certainly, It’s half past eight.

A- Could you possibly change fifty rupees please?

B – I’m sorry, I can’t. The cashier may be able to help you

A – Thank you, I’ll try him.


A- Could you possibly look after my bag?

B- I’m sorry I’m getting off at the next station. That boy may be able to.

A- Never mind, I’ll carry it to the restaurant car.

A- I wonder if you could lend me your bike for some time?

B- I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t. I’m getting ready to go to the town.

A- That’s all right, I’ll go by bus.


A – Could you tell me the way to the HSBC Bank please?

B – Yes, you walk as far as the temple and take the second right.

A – Mm… Second right, then.

B – There you will see the HSBC bank opposite the post office.

A – Thank you very much.

B – You’re welcome.

A – Where’s the nearest bus stop please?

B – You turn left into the main road and walk straight up to the traffic lights.

A – Then….?

B – You’ll find the bus stop a 50 meters beyond the traffic lights.

A – Thank you.

B – Not at all.

A – Do you have the time, please?

B – Yes, it’s getting on to 4.

A – I wonder if you could tell me how to get to the Public Library?

B – Yes. You take 47A bus and get off at the Eye Hospital.

A – Yes. Eye Hospital,… and then… ?

B – You walk across the cross road along the flyover…

A – Fly over…. Okay….

B – You’ll see the Library on your right as you go past the Maternity Hospital and the       commissioner’s office on your left. You can’t miss it.

A – Thanks… a lot.

B – Not at all…

A – Where’s the post-office, please?

A -   Where’s the post-office, please?

B -   It’s near the temple.

A-    Is there a pharmacy near here?

B-    Yes, there is one on Flower’s Road and another on Nelson’s Street.

A-    Any idea as to where the Apollo studio is?

B-    Yes, it’s over there… you can see it.

A-    Ah… Thank you.

Basic English conversation AT A RESTAURANT


W – Waiter        C – Customer

W- Yes, please. What next

C – Hello. Can I have chicken and fried rice please?

W – Salt and pepper?

C – Yes please.

W – Anything else?

C – Yes, two plantains and a milk shake.

W – Twenty, Thirty, Thirty five rupees.

C – Here you are. Thank you.

A – Anu        F – Father        S – Sindhu

A -   I really enjoy rice and curry.

F -   You’re sure it wasn’t too hot?

A – No. It was quite hot, but not too hot. I wouldn’t mind a cold drink, though.

F – I’m not sure a cold drink is the best thing, if you found the
curry a little hot for you it’ll probably make you hotter and give you hiccups

S – Yes I think he’s right. Can I offer you some fruit instead?

F – A good idea. Why not have slice of pineapple? They are
very sweet and juicy just now. Shall I cut you a slice?

A – Yes. Please it looks very nice.

A – Shop assistant       C – Customer

A -   Good morning Madam!

C -   Good morning!

A -   Can I help you?

C -   Mmm.   I’m looking for some gift articles

A-     Would you like to look at some wood carvings? Here are some ivory statues…          Some silver bangles…

Replying to query for asking directions

The corresponding responses can be as follows.

1. It’s near the temple.

2. Walk straight ahead and you’ll see it on your left opposite the Indian Overseas Bank.

3. Yes, walk straight as far as the end of this road and you’ll see it on your right just opposite the public library.

4. Yes, there is one on Flowers Road.

5. Yes, walk straight ahead and take your second right you’ll see the sign board at the corner… you can’t miss it.

6. Walk as far as the traffic lights. Then turn left into the LHM hospital road… you’ll see the station at the end of the road.

7. Yes, it’s five minute walk if you go straight ahead.

8. Certainly not. You take the first left after walking along this flyover and proceed
further for about half a kilometer… and it is there.

9.  Yes, it’s not very far. Hop into a taxi and ask to drive. He’ll take you there.

10. Take 47A bus and get off at Eye Hospital, walk across the junction and now go
along the fly over passing Hotel Ashok on your left. You’ll find the library on your right.

11. Catch Pandiyan Express at 2.15p.m.

12. I’m sorry. I don’t know. I’m a stranger myself.


No. Not at all


A -   Please, will you open the door?

B -   Okay, Sir.

A -   Can you carry this bag for me, please?

B -   Certainly, ok.

A – Could you give me my room key, Please?

B – Sure!



A-   Excuse me, can you tell me the time please?

B-   Yes, of course, it’s six o’clock.

A – Thanks.

A – Excuse me, could you tell me the time please?

B – I’m sorry, I don’t know, I don’t have a watch.

A – That’s Ok.

A- Excuse me!

B – Yes?

A – Do you have a lighter?

B – I’m sorry. I don’t smoke.

A – That’s ok.


A -   Can I open the window? It’s very hot in here.
B -   Really? I’m quite cold.
A -   Ok. It doesn’t matter.


A -   Excuse me!

B -   Can I help you?

A – Can I have a cell for my watch?

B – What power please?

A – Pardon?

B – What power?

A – What do you mean?

B – How many volts?. 1.5 or 3?

A – Ah. Now I understand. 1.5. Volts please.


A – I’m thirsty.

B – Would you like some coffee?

A – No thanks.

B – Would you like some orange juice?

A – Oh, yes, please.

A – I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat?

B – Would you like a sandwich?

A – No, thanks, I’d like a pan-cake?

B – With cheese or jam?

A – Cheese and jam please?

A- Can I help you?

B- Yes, please, I’d like some egg noodles.

A- Here you are anything else?

B- Yes, can I have some ice cream too?

A- Chocolate, vanila or strawberry?

B- Chocolate ice cream, please. How much is that?

A- That’s thirty rupees please.

B- Excuse me! Can you tell me where the ICICI bank is?

A- I’m sorry. I’m a stranger here myself.

Basic simple Telephonic Conversation

Naveen : Hello, I am Naveen calling from Tirunagar. Is it the SPCA?

Voice : Yes, what can I do for you?

Naveen : I’ve already informed you about the stray dogs in my neighbourhood. I’m afraid I’ve got a complaint to make.

Voice : What’s it?

Naveen : I’m sorry to say this, but these dogs are stoned and ill-treated by some children of our neighbourhood.

Voice : Could you tell me where you live?

Naveen : I live in Bharathi Street, Tirunagar, Madurai. Could you please come and take them away immediately?

Voice : Definitely. We’ll come in an hour.

Naveen : Thank you!

dialogue between two student

Ravi : Hi,Gopal. What news?
Gopal : We are planning to visit Chennai in the month of
February. Why don’t you join us?
Ravi : Certainty I will. Which places are you going to visit?
Gopal : We want to visit the Legislative Assembly and the
museum in addition to other places of interest.
Ravi : In that case, you should get prior permission. You
should write to the Assembly Secretary …………..
Gopal : Can you help us in drafting the letter?
Ravi : Tell me the date o f visit, the number o f persons and
Gopal : We are a group often and we wouId I like to visit
the assembly on 12.6.03 at about 11 a.m.
Ravi : OK. I shall draft it neatly.