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Father and Daughter conversation in family

(The mother is away on a pilgrimage. The father and daughter are at the dining table.)

Daughter : Papa, I’m so hungry. Have you got anything to eat?

Father : Oh, darling, sure! Here I’ve got chappatis for you.

Daughter : No, dad. I don’t feel like eating now.

Father : But why? You said you were hungry.

Daughter : Yes, I’m hungry. I’m sorry to say this, but you’ve been giving me bread and chappatis for the past two days. I can’t eat them anymore.

Father : Please, bear with me dear. We’ll have a grand dinner tonight. Your mom comes home this evening.

Daughter : Really! Thank you, Dad.

conersation between girl – Vimali and Meenakshi

Vimali : It seems you are munching something.

Meenakshi : It is nothing but gooseberry.

Vimali : ooseberry! It is rich in Vitamin C.

Meenakshi : ou are right. Do you know the story about the golden gooseberries?

Meenakshi : I know about gold ornaments, but not golden gooseberries.

Vimali : I’ll tell you. I heard it from my mother. When Adi Shankara was a young boy in Kaladi he went begging for his food.

Meenakshi : Did he?

Vimali : He went to a poor woman’s house. But she didn’t have anything to offer.

Meenakshi : What a pity!

Vimali : She didn’t want to send the young boy empty-handed.

Meenakshi : Then what did she do?

Vimali : She searched thoroughly and at last got only one piece of dry gooseberry. She gave it to him.

Meenakshi : Quite interesting.

Vimali : What happened afterwards, is more interesting.

Meenakshi : Please continue. I’m curious to know about it.

Vimali : The boy felt very much moved by the poor woman’s kind heart. He prayed sincerely.

Meenakshi : What happened next?

Vimali : There was a shower of golden gooseberries on her house.

Meenakshi : My God! What a miracle! Will it happen to me, if I say the same prayer?

Vimali : There you are! I asked my mother the same question.

Meenakshi : What did she say?

Vimali : It is not only the mere song that makes the miracle happen. Rather our faith and sincere prayer works wonders.

Meenakshi : I see. Thank you for the interesting story. It shows the force and power behind prayer.

Sheela and Receptionist – making a appointment through phone

Sheela : Hello, I’m calling from 2343486. Is that Rani Nursing Home?

Receptionist : Yes, it is Rani Nursing Home.

Sheela : Can you please tell me if the pediatrician is available now?

Receptionist : Whom do you want – Dr. Chandran or Dr. Peter?

Sheela : I’d like to meet Dr. Peter. He is our pediatrician.

Receptionist : I’m sorry, Madam. He is not available now. But he’ll be here in the evening after 6.00.

Sheela : Can I have an appointment then?

Receptionist : Definitely. May I know the child’s name?

Sheela : He is Prakash and is two years old.

Receptionist : Please come at 6.15 p.m. Your token number is 4.

Sheela : Thank you. We’ll be there at 6.00 p.m.

Receptionist : Please be on time.

Norgay and Hillary – Daily life conversation in friends

Norgay : Ready? Shall we make a move?

Hillary : My feet are numb and chill. Why don’t you go in the front, cutting steps? I’ll follow you close behind.

Norgay : All right.
(They start moving)

Norgay : Be careful! Don’t go to your left. The thin crust is very soft. It might give way.

Hillary : I’ll be careful. (After walking a few hundred feet)

Hillary : Look here’s a tiny hollow.

Norgay : See what I’ve found – two oxygen bottles.

Hillary : Must have been left behind by Evans and Bourdillion who came earlier.

Norgay : Must be. Let us check if there’s any oxygen left.

Hillary : Scrape off the ice first.

Norgay : (A sigh of relief on his face) We’re lucky. There’s still several hundred litres left. Should definitely see us through. (After some time)

Norgay : My! Watch your step. Here take my hand. Are you all right?

Hillary : Yes, I somehow slipped. I think from now on it’s going to be pretty risky. Do you think it’s advisable to continue?

Norgay : The condition is quite bad. But, as you wish.

Hillary : Mmm… let’s try and keep going.

Friends discussing themselve – WAR AND PEACE

Sundar : Chandar, wake up. It’s already 5.30

Chandar : mmm … is it so?

Sundar : Why are you late today? It’s time for our morning parade.

Chandar : Don’t you know that I always get up at 5.00 in the morning to be ready for the parade? I have a severe headache.

Sundar : Oh, I see.

Chandar : Last night, I lay awake all night and was thinking about the impending war with our neighbour.

Sundar : So what?

Chandar : That disturbed my sleep. Can’t we avoid this war?

Sundar :We are a peace loving nation. This war is forced on us. Anyhow it’s our duty to fight for the nation.

Chandar : Of course, I know. I am prepared to lay down my life for my mother land yet

Sundar : A world without war is still a dream. (Sundar touches Chandar’s head and takes the temperature.) Oh, you’re running a temperature. We will see the camp

Chandar : What about meeting the captain?

Sundar : We will meet the captain as planned in the evening.

Chandar : Before that, let me go up to the terrace and watch the Sunrise as I usually do.

Sundar : Can you climb the stairs?

Chandar : … mmm … Don’t you know that I start my day only after worshipping the Sun God. (in the terrace)

Sundar : Why do you look to the west? After all, the sun rises in the east.

Chandar : You’re right, I’m confused.

Sundar : What do you pray?

Chandar : I always pray for a world without war.

Basic conversation between Friends in English

Raj : Hey Seema, did you watch the match yesterday? Suchin was in terrific form.

Seema : Oh yes, I did. But don’t you think we should stop spending so much money on cricket and cricketers?

Raj : No way. I don’t think so. I don’t agree with you, Seema, Cricket is, the only sport we excel at as a nation. So there’s nothing wrong in encouragomg the game. What do you feel Arun?

Arun :I tend to disagree with you Raj. However if you want my frank opinion, I feel India can do without cricket until poverty und illiteracy are eradiaited. Riglit, Seema ?

Seema : Absolutely! OUR focus should be on economic development right now.

Raj : I think-both of you are very foolish. Cricket creates so much national pride that it binds the nation.

conversation between two friends – Rani and Radha

Rani : Hi, Radha! Have you submitted your appli’cation form?

Radha : Not yet. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Rani : Why?

Radha : I couldn’t make photocopies of my certificates because there was no elec’tricity in that area.

Rani : Okay, what group are you planning to choose?

Radha : I’ll be choosing mathematics and bi’ology.

Rani : Why both?

Radha : I want to keep my ‘options open. I want to become either an e’lectrical or elec’tronic engineer or a doctor.

Rani : That’s a ter’rific idea! I’ve decided to choose the second group.

Radha : Why the second group? I thought you would choose the first group!

Rani : I’m terribly scared of mathematics and also zo’ology.

Radha : Strange! Your grandfather was a famous mathema’tician.

Rani : What about Amudha? She was interested in history and ge’ography.

Radha : I heard that she is planning to join the vocational group.

Rani : Why?

Radha : She told me that she wants to par’ticipate in many basketball tournaments.Hence that choice.

Rani : Okay, we’ll meet tomorrow.

Radha : Yes, tomorrow is the last day to sub’mit the appli’cation form.

Conversation between friends talking about traffic

Raju : Why is the traffic policeman accosting that man on the two-wheeler?

Ranjith : He has crossed the stop line at the signal. He will have to pay a spot fine now.

Raju : A spot fine for crossing the stop line?

Ranjith : That’s it. Any violation of traffic rules warrants a penalty.

Raju : What about crossing the speed limit?

Ranjith : Yes, if you exceed the speed limit you will be fined.

Raju : What are the other instances when one will be fined?

Ranjith : If you enter a road marked ‘No Entry’, if you park your vehicle in a ‘No parking zone’ and if you do not possess your driving licence, RC Rook, Fuel Emission Certificate, if you jump the signals, etc.

Raju : What about eve teasers? They should be punished too.

Ranjith : Yes, a fine will be imposed or they’ll be prosecuted.

A prospective buyer and a sales person – conversation

Customer : I am interested in buying a motor bike. Could you please give me the pamphlets of a few leading bikes in the market?

Sales Person : Most certainly! The latest is the CD 100 LX by Hero Miranda.

Customer : That sounds interesting. This is my friend Harish. He is an automobile  engineer. Do you mind giving him Some technical details?

S.P : I would be glad to do so.

Harish : Would you tell us about the engine and chas sis?

S.P : Well, the engine is 97.2cc, four stroke, and horizontal. The chassis is T-bone.

Harish : That’s great! What about Tank capacity and mileage?

S.P : It has a 10 litre tank capacity and the mileage would be 60 km/litre. Further it has a power of 7.0@8000 (bph/rpm)

Customer : What about the choice of colours?

S.P : Sir, we have black, red and blue. Also we have an introductory offer, the showroom will take care of the comprehensive insurance for the first year; it’s on the house sir.

Customer : What about the price?

S.P : It will be Rs.43,561/- Sir.

Two friends Anitha and Geetha – conversation between girls

Anitha : Hello ! Geetha?

Geetha : Hi Anitha ! You had spoken to me only a little while ago. Now you’re back on the line. What’s up?

Anitha : I need your help Geetha. I just received a call from Mumbai. My cousins from the U.S are arriving at Chennai by the 11.30 a.m. Air India flight. That’s less than an hour from now.

Geetha : So how do i fit into this information?

Anitha : I need you to receive them at the airport and drop them at my flat, Geetha. I have an important Board Meeting in half an hour and I can’t get away from it. You’ll do me this favour, won’t you?

Geetha : Hey! How can I receive them when I don’t even know what they look like? Don’t tell me you expect me to stand there with a placard like a tourist guide!

Anitha : Not a bad idea! But jokes apart, let me describe them to you so that you’d be able to recognise them by the description.

Geetha : OK! Shoot! I am all ears!

Anitha : There are four of them – two men and two women. Kannan is the tallest. He is a thirty-year old six footer with broad shoulders and a ruddy complexion. He sports a heavy moustache and a thick but well trimmed beard, both these being in sharp contrast to his bald pate. He’s got a round face with a short nose and small close-set eyes. He prefers formal wear so, if it is not a suit and tie, he would surely be in a full—sleeved, checked shirt with matching tie, and in leather shoes which match his trousers.

Geetha : OK-How about the rest?

Anitha : Varun is easy to identify in any crowd. He, too, is around thirty years old but he is short, stocky and swarthy. He is clean—shaven but his head is crowned with a thick mop of black hair which is often untidy and unkempt. He is always in polo necked T shirts and shorts when he is in India and sandals are a compulsory accessory to his dress code! He is a cheerful guy and when he grins, the sparkle of his white teeth competes with the twinkle in his eyes.

Geetha : Are the women too so distinct in their appearance?

Anitha : Divya is Kannan’s sister and she is tall like him. But that ‘s as far as the similarity goes. She is fair- smooth-skinned, slim with long brown shouldcr-lengthhair. Unlike her brother,she is aquiline-nosed and doe-eyed but like him she prefers formal wear whether it is western or ethnic. So she is bound to be in a narrowbordered Kancheepuram Silk Saree or an elegant flannel skirt with a high collared cuff-sleeved satin blouse. Kannan, Varun and Divya are my paternal cousins but Preethi, the last on the list, is a maternal one. She is my mother’s sister’s daughter. She resembles me in many ways. We be in tight jeans, baggy shirt and high-heeled shoes! are of the same age, both of us are of jockey height, we are thin, wiry-haired, wheat— complexioned, freckled, spectaicled, with beady
eyes and a snub-nose. Without doubt, she will : be in tight jeans, baggy shirt and high – heeled shoes!

Geetha : Phew! That’s quite a lot to remember! Perhaps I’ll first look for Preethi, your look-alike, and the real would then easy. OK Anitha. Go ahead with your meeting. I’ll set out for the airport now. I’ll call you up or ‘SMS’ you when we get to the flat. Bye.

Anitha : Thanks a lot Geetha. Bye!