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Offer of scholarship to study in Malaysia.

Principal : Don’t you think the scholarship is a great boon you’ve got. Why do you decline this offer?

Rahim : I do realise the value of the scholarship, sir. But if I could explain, my mother doesn’t want me to go overseas.

Principal : Why?

Rahim : You know, Sir. I am a fatherless boy and I’m the only son at home. My mother living alone for three years in my absence! She cannot even think of it.

Principal : Nobody to take care of her?

Rahim : My uncle, my mother’s brother, is already in Dubai.

Principal : Oh, I see. Then you are justified.

conversation In a stationery shop

Student : Have you got pens?

Shopkeeper : Would you like a ball pen or a micro tipped one?

Student : I prefer a micro tipped pen.

Shopkeeper : What colour do you want?

Student : I want green.

Shopkeeper : Here are some green colour pens. You can choose from them.

Student : (Chooses a pen) How much does this pen cost?

Shopkeeper : Cello pen? This costs Rs.11/-

Student : Here you are.

Shopkeeper : Thank you.

Father and Daughter conversation in family

(The mother is away on a pilgrimage. The father and daughter are at the dining table.)

Daughter : Papa, I’m so hungry. Have you got anything to eat?

Father : Oh, darling, sure! Here I’ve got chappatis for you.

Daughter : No, dad. I don’t feel like eating now.

Father : But why? You said you were hungry.

Daughter : Yes, I’m hungry. I’m sorry to say this, but you’ve been giving me bread and chappatis for the past two days. I can’t eat them anymore.

Father : Please, bear with me dear. We’ll have a grand dinner tonight. Your mom comes home this evening.

Daughter : Really! Thank you, Dad.

conersation between girl – Vimali and Meenakshi

Vimali : It seems you are munching something.

Meenakshi : It is nothing but gooseberry.

Vimali : ooseberry! It is rich in Vitamin C.

Meenakshi : ou are right. Do you know the story about the golden gooseberries?

Meenakshi : I know about gold ornaments, but not golden gooseberries.

Vimali : I’ll tell you. I heard it from my mother. When Adi Shankara was a young boy in Kaladi he went begging for his food.

Meenakshi : Did he?

Vimali : He went to a poor woman’s house. But she didn’t have anything to offer.

Meenakshi : What a pity!

Vimali : She didn’t want to send the young boy empty-handed.

Meenakshi : Then what did she do?

Vimali : She searched thoroughly and at last got only one piece of dry gooseberry. She gave it to him.

Meenakshi : Quite interesting.

Vimali : What happened afterwards, is more interesting.

Meenakshi : Please continue. I’m curious to know about it.

Vimali : The boy felt very much moved by the poor woman’s kind heart. He prayed sincerely.

Meenakshi : What happened next?

Vimali : There was a shower of golden gooseberries on her house.

Meenakshi : My God! What a miracle! Will it happen to me, if I say the same prayer?

Vimali : There you are! I asked my mother the same question.

Meenakshi : What did she say?

Vimali : It is not only the mere song that makes the miracle happen. Rather our faith and sincere prayer works wonders.

Meenakshi : I see. Thank you for the interesting story. It shows the force and power behind prayer.

Sheela and Receptionist – making a appointment through phone

Sheela : Hello, I’m calling from 2343486. Is that Rani Nursing Home?

Receptionist : Yes, it is Rani Nursing Home.

Sheela : Can you please tell me if the pediatrician is available now?

Receptionist : Whom do you want – Dr. Chandran or Dr. Peter?

Sheela : I’d like to meet Dr. Peter. He is our pediatrician.

Receptionist : I’m sorry, Madam. He is not available now. But he’ll be here in the evening after 6.00.

Sheela : Can I have an appointment then?

Receptionist : Definitely. May I know the child’s name?

Sheela : He is Prakash and is two years old.

Receptionist : Please come at 6.15 p.m. Your token number is 4.

Sheela : Thank you. We’ll be there at 6.00 p.m.

Receptionist : Please be on time.

Norgay and Hillary – Daily life conversation in friends

Norgay : Ready? Shall we make a move?

Hillary : My feet are numb and chill. Why don’t you go in the front, cutting steps? I’ll follow you close behind.

Norgay : All right.
(They start moving)

Norgay : Be careful! Don’t go to your left. The thin crust is very soft. It might give way.

Hillary : I’ll be careful. (After walking a few hundred feet)

Hillary : Look here’s a tiny hollow.

Norgay : See what I’ve found – two oxygen bottles.

Hillary : Must have been left behind by Evans and Bourdillion who came earlier.

Norgay : Must be. Let us check if there’s any oxygen left.

Hillary : Scrape off the ice first.

Norgay : (A sigh of relief on his face) We’re lucky. There’s still several hundred litres left. Should definitely see us through. (After some time)

Norgay : My! Watch your step. Here take my hand. Are you all right?

Hillary : Yes, I somehow slipped. I think from now on it’s going to be pretty risky. Do you think it’s advisable to continue?

Norgay : The condition is quite bad. But, as you wish.

Hillary : Mmm… let’s try and keep going.

Friends discussing themselve – WAR AND PEACE

Sundar : Chandar, wake up. It’s already 5.30

Chandar : mmm … is it so?

Sundar : Why are you late today? It’s time for our morning parade.

Chandar : Don’t you know that I always get up at 5.00 in the morning to be ready for the parade? I have a severe headache.

Sundar : Oh, I see.

Chandar : Last night, I lay awake all night and was thinking about the impending war with our neighbour.

Sundar : So what?

Chandar : That disturbed my sleep. Can’t we avoid this war?

Sundar :We are a peace loving nation. This war is forced on us. Anyhow it’s our duty to fight for the nation.

Chandar : Of course, I know. I am prepared to lay down my life for my mother land yet

Sundar : A world without war is still a dream. (Sundar touches Chandar’s head and takes the temperature.) Oh, you’re running a temperature. We will see the camp

Chandar : What about meeting the captain?

Sundar : We will meet the captain as planned in the evening.

Chandar : Before that, let me go up to the terrace and watch the Sunrise as I usually do.

Sundar : Can you climb the stairs?

Chandar : … mmm … Don’t you know that I start my day only after worshipping the Sun God. (in the terrace)

Sundar : Why do you look to the west? After all, the sun rises in the east.

Chandar : You’re right, I’m confused.

Sundar : What do you pray?

Chandar : I always pray for a world without war.

Basic conversation between Friends in English

Raj : Hey Seema, did you watch the match yesterday? Suchin was in terrific form.

Seema : Oh yes, I did. But don’t you think we should stop spending so much money on cricket and cricketers?

Raj : No way. I don’t think so. I don’t agree with you, Seema, Cricket is, the only sport we excel at as a nation. So there’s nothing wrong in encouragomg the game. What do you feel Arun?

Arun :I tend to disagree with you Raj. However if you want my frank opinion, I feel India can do without cricket until poverty und illiteracy are eradiaited. Riglit, Seema ?

Seema : Absolutely! OUR focus should be on economic development right now.

Raj : I think-both of you are very foolish. Cricket creates so much national pride that it binds the nation.

conversation between two friends – Rani and Radha

Rani : Hi, Radha! Have you submitted your appli’cation form?

Radha : Not yet. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Rani : Why?

Radha : I couldn’t make photocopies of my certificates because there was no elec’tricity in that area.

Rani : Okay, what group are you planning to choose?

Radha : I’ll be choosing mathematics and bi’ology.

Rani : Why both?

Radha : I want to keep my ‘options open. I want to become either an e’lectrical or elec’tronic engineer or a doctor.

Rani : That’s a ter’rific idea! I’ve decided to choose the second group.

Radha : Why the second group? I thought you would choose the first group!

Rani : I’m terribly scared of mathematics and also zo’ology.

Radha : Strange! Your grandfather was a famous mathema’tician.

Rani : What about Amudha? She was interested in history and ge’ography.

Radha : I heard that she is planning to join the vocational group.

Rani : Why?

Radha : She told me that she wants to par’ticipate in many basketball tournaments.Hence that choice.

Rani : Okay, we’ll meet tomorrow.

Radha : Yes, tomorrow is the last day to sub’mit the appli’cation form.

Conversation between friends talking about traffic

Raju : Why is the traffic policeman accosting that man on the two-wheeler?

Ranjith : He has crossed the stop line at the signal. He will have to pay a spot fine now.

Raju : A spot fine for crossing the stop line?

Ranjith : That’s it. Any violation of traffic rules warrants a penalty.

Raju : What about crossing the speed limit?

Ranjith : Yes, if you exceed the speed limit you will be fined.

Raju : What are the other instances when one will be fined?

Ranjith : If you enter a road marked ‘No Entry’, if you park your vehicle in a ‘No parking zone’ and if you do not possess your driving licence, RC Rook, Fuel Emission Certificate, if you jump the signals, etc.

Raju : What about eve teasers? They should be punished too.

Ranjith : Yes, a fine will be imposed or they’ll be prosecuted.