Classroom conversation between student and teacher

Teacher : Children,Good morning. Do I hear some noise from the corner? Don’t make so much of noise.

Children : Sorry, Madam.
Teacher : Haven’t you cleaned the board yet? Rani, clean the board.
(A boy comes late).
Teacher : Try to be on time. Don’t come late.
(The Headmaster enters the class with a tail man)
Headmaster: Here he is.
Teacher : Good morning doctor. How are you? Let me introduce Dr.Sathya Seelan to you. He has come to talk to you on personal cleanliness. Just sit down and be quiet. Close your  books and note books. Listen to him carefully.
Doctor : Those who know me, put up your hands.
One…two…twelve hands are up. Oh! That is nice. Do you keep your hands clean?
Priya : I always wash my hands after playing.
Doctor : Wash them before you eat. Wash them after you’ve been to the toilet.
Sharon : My little brother puts his fingers into his mouth.
Doctor : Yes, babies do that.
Sharon : My mother cuts his nails every week.
Nithya : I brush my teeth every morning.
Doctor : But that’s not enough. Brush your teeth every night also.
Nithya : At night?
Doctor : Yes, at night, before you go to bed.
Preethi : Thank you doctor for your advice.
Swarna : What exercise do you suggest to keep fit? :
Doctor : Exercise? Good. Cycling, jogging and swimming are some of the exercises. Take to some games and play regularly.

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