Conversation At the bank

Arun : Excuse me, Sir. I would like to open an SB account. Could you tell me the procedure, please?

Bank : First of all, fill in this form. It contains details regarding Manager your name, age, address, etc. Then, somebody will have to introduce you – somebody who is already an account-holder in this bank.

Arun : Sir, my headmaster has an account here. He will be here shortly.

Bank : Well, that’s settled then. You will also have to affix one Manager passport size photograph on the passbook, after it is issued to you.

Arun : Yes, Sir. I will do that.

Bank : Remember, your signature is very important. You must Manager put three specimen signatures, and you must always take care to sign in the same manner.

Arun : Fine, Sir! I’ll remember that. Sir, what is the minimum deposit?

Bank : You will have to deposit a minimum of Rs.500/- in your Manager account.

Arun : Will I be given a cheque-book?

Bank : For that, the minimum balance ought to be Rs.1000/- Manager

Arun : Alright, Sir. In case, I want to have a fixed deposit, what will be the rates of interest?

Bank : Our rates of interest will be 6% p.a. Manager (Arun fills the form and hands it over to the Bank Manager.)

Arun : Sir, here is the form. I have filled it. Where should I pay the money, Sir?

Bank : At the teller’s. See! It’s the counter over there. You will also /Manager have to fill the pay-in slip, and hand it over to the teller, along with the money. After depositing the money, you can collect your passbook. I will credit the entry into your account.

Arun : Thank you, Sir!

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