conversation between MOTHER AND son MANAV

Mother : Manav, do you know how I can move this paragraph? I need to put it at the end of this page.

Manav : Yes, I think so. First, you move the mouse to select the text that you want to move ….. like this ……Then you go to the Edit menu and choose the Cut command.

Mother : A….mmm …. E….dit…then … Cut…. Like this?

Manav : Very good, mother! The selected text disappears and goes onto the Clipboard. Next, you find where you want the text to appear and you click to position the insertion there.

Mother : Okay. I want the text here ….. so I position the cursor here and click. Right?

Manav : Yes – right! Now, choose Paste from the Edit menu, or hold down Command and press V. Finally, check that the text has appeared in the right place.

Mother : Mmm …. Paste and click. Oh dear ….. what did I do wrong?

Manav : Your cursor shifted when you were clicking! It doesn’t matter – Go to Edit again and choose Undo this time. This will reverse your last editing command …. Now, try again.

Mother : Thanks so much, Manav. You are a patient teacher.

Manav : You are most welcome, Ma. You are a …. er – quick learner!

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