conversation between two friends – Rani and Radha

Rani : Hi, Radha! Have you submitted your appli’cation form?

Radha : Not yet. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Rani : Why?

Radha : I couldn’t make photocopies of my certificates because there was no elec’tricity in that area.

Rani : Okay, what group are you planning to choose?

Radha : I’ll be choosing mathematics and bi’ology.

Rani : Why both?

Radha : I want to keep my ‘options open. I want to become either an e’lectrical or elec’tronic engineer or a doctor.

Rani : That’s a ter’rific idea! I’ve decided to choose the second group.

Radha : Why the second group? I thought you would choose the first group!

Rani : I’m terribly scared of mathematics and also zo’ology.

Radha : Strange! Your grandfather was a famous mathema’tician.

Rani : What about Amudha? She was interested in history and ge’ography.

Radha : I heard that she is planning to join the vocational group.

Rani : Why?

Radha : She told me that she wants to par’ticipate in many basketball tournaments.Hence that choice.

Rani : Okay, we’ll meet tomorrow.

Radha : Yes, tomorrow is the last day to sub’mit the appli’cation form.

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