Friendly INTERVIEW conversation

A. : Anand is a student of Physics studying at Presidency College in Chennai. He is interviewed by an officer from a charitable organisation for a scholarship.

Anand : Good morning, Sir.

Officer : Hello, Anand! Good morning, be seated.

Anand : Thank you, Sir.

Officer : Anand, please tell me something about your present studies.

Anand : I am a first year student of M.Sc Physics at Presidency College in Chennai. I was indeed a success at school.

Officer : How about your parents?

Anand : My father works on a farm and my mother in a school.

Officer : OK Anand, say something about your aim in life.

Anand : My aim! I want to become a scientist at the Indian Institute of Science.

Officer : That’s fine. Do you know where IISc is?

Anand : It is in Bangalore.

Officer : Where is it located in Bangalore?

Anand : It is on the Tumkur Road.

Officer : Well, how much of financial help do you expect from our charity?

Anand : I’d be grateful to you Sir, if I could get the course fee reimbursed.

Officer : Oh, I see, we’ll try to help you.

Anand : Thank you, Sir.

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