<strong>Patient :</strong> Doctor, a bee has stung me. The pain is unbearable.

<strong>Doctor  :</strong> Don’t worry; I’ll apply some cream on it.

<strong>Patient :</str

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ong> You’ll never find that bee. It must be faraway.

<strong>Doctor  :</strong> No, I’ll apply the cream on the place where you were stung.

<strong>Patient :</strong> Oh! It happened in the park where I was sitting under a tree.

<strong>Doctor  :</strong> No, No, you are mistaken; I mean, on the part of your body where the

bee stung you.

<strong>Patient :</strong> Oh, it was on my finger!

<strong>Doctor  :</strong> Which one?

<strong>Patient :</strong> How am Ito know? All bees look the same to me.

<strong>Doctor  :</strong> Oh my God! I have never come across such a foolish person in my life!

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