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Patient and Doctor conversation

Patient : Good morning, Doctor.

Doctor : Good morning, Mr. Govind, Sit down. You usually drop in after 7 p.m. You’re rather early today!

Patient : Yes doctor. I couldn’t bear the pain so I had to meet you immediately,

Doctor : Tell me how you feel. Where does it hurt?

Patient : Doctor, I have this terrible pain on my left side and my back. My mouth is dry and I fed nauseous, I throw up whatever I eat. (Doctor takes the patient’s temperature)

Doctor : Your temperature is normal. Have you been drinking? (tests his heartbeat with the stethoscope)

Patient : Yes doctor. A little more than usual. You see these endless official sales dinners expect one lo be sociable. (Doctor makes the patient lie down and checks his stomach)

Doctor : Your liver is slightly enlarged. Let me see your eyes. Yes, your eyes too are discoloured -slightly yellow. You are heading for a liver-infected problem. It could be infectious hepatitis through a virus or a starting process of damage through excessive and
destructive food habits. We’ll go in for all the required tests and start treatment. But as for now, the nurse in the next room will give you an injection to reduce your pain and I’ll prescribe some medicine for relief (writes the prescription). Keep off spicy food and drinking for now. Avoid oil. You have to go slow on these if you need to be fit. Meet me again after two days. I advise full rest till then.

Patient : Thank you Doctor – thank you very much- (Exits)