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WAR AND PEACE – example conversation

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<P>Sundar : Chandar, wake up. It’s already 5.30</P>
<P>Chandar : mmm … is it so?</P>
<P>Sundar : Why are you late today? It’s time for our</P>
<P>morning parade.</P>
<P>Chandar : Don’t you know that I always get up at 5.00 in the</P>
<P>morning to be ready for the parade?</P>
<P>I have a severe headache.</P>
<P>Sundar : Oh, I see.</P>
<P>Chandar : Last night, I lay awake all night and was thinking</P>
<P>about the impending war with our neighbour.</P>
<P>Sundar : So what?</P>
<P>Chandar : That disturbed my sleep. Can’t we avoid this war?</P>
<P>Sundar :We are a peace loving nation. This war is forced on</P>
<P>us. Anyhow it’s our duty to fight for the nation.</P>
<P>Chandar : Of course, I know. I am prepared to lay down my life</P>
<P>for my mother land yet</P>
<P>Sundar : A world without war is still a dream. (Sundar touches</P>
<P>Chandar’s head and takes the temperature.)</P>
<P>Oh, you’re running a temperature. We will see the camp</P>
<P>Chandar : What about meeting the captain?</P>
<P>Sundar : We will meet the captain as planned in the evening.</P>
<P>Chandar : Before that, let me go up to the terrace and watch the</P>
<P>Sunrise as I usually do.</P>
<P>Sundar : Can you climb the stairs?</P>
<P>Chandar : … mmm … Don’t you know that I start my day only</P>
<P>after worshipping the Sun God.</P>
<P>(in the terrace)</P>
<P>Sundar : Why do you look to the west? After all, the sun rises</P>
<P>in the east.</P>
<P>Chandar : You’re right, I’m confused.</P>
<P>Sundar : What do you pray?</P>
<P>Chandar : I always pray for a world without war

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conversation between friends


Vijay : Hello, Karthik! I visited your house yesterday.

You weren’t there. Where did you go?

Karthik : I went to see the football match between our school

and Brindavan sc

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hool. I left home very early.

Vijay : How was the match? Was it interesting yesterday?

Karthik : The match started exactly at 5 pm. Our

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school played

well and scored the first goal before half time

immediately after, Brindavan School scored the

equalizer.Our school scored the winning goal in the

last minute and won the match.

Vijay : Oh! When did you reach home?

Karthik : I reached home very late.

Vijay : By the way who won the match last year?

Karthik : Even last year, our school won the match

situation 2

Raj       : Hey Seema, did you watch the match yesterday?

sachin was in terrific form

Seema  : Oh yes, I did. But don’t you think we should stop

spending so much money on  cricket and cricketers?

Raj       : No way. I don’t think so. I don’t agree with you,

Seema, Cricket is, the only sport we excel at as a nation.

So there’s nothing wrong in encouraging the game.

What do you feel Arun?

Arun     : I tend to disagree with you Raj. However if you want my frank opinion,

I feel India can do without cricket until poverty und illiteracy is eradiated.

Right, Seema?

Seema  : Absolutely! OUR focus should be on economic development right now.

Raj       : I think-both of you are very foolish. Cricket creates

so much national pride that it binds the nation.

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Basic simple Telephonic Conversation

Naveen : Hello, I am Naveen calling from Tirunagar. Is it the SPCA?

Voice : Yes, what can I do for you?

Naveen : I’ve already informed you about the stray dogs in my neighbourhood. I’m afraid I’ve got a complaint to make.

Voice : What’s it?

Naveen : I’m sorry to say this, but these dogs are stoned and ill-treated by some children of our neighbourhood.

Voice : Could you tell me where you live?

Naveen : I live in Bharathi Street, Tirunagar, Madurai. Could you please come and take them away immediately?

Voice : Definitely. We’ll come in an hour.

Naveen : Thank you!

dialogue between two student

Ravi : Hi,Gopal. What news?
Gopal : We are planning to visit Chennai in the month of
February. Why don’t you join us?
Ravi : Certainty I will. Which places are you going to visit?
Gopal : We want to visit the Legislative Assembly and the
museum in addition to other places of interest.
Ravi : In that case, you should get prior permission. You
should write to the Assembly Secretary …………..
Gopal : Can you help us in drafting the letter?
Ravi : Tell me the date o f visit, the number o f persons and
Gopal : We are a group often and we wouId I like to visit
the assembly on 12.6.03 at about 11 a.m.
Ravi : OK. I shall draft it neatly.

Ramu and Gopal – simple conversation between two friends

Ramu : Hello! Gopal how are you getting on?
Gopal : Better not talk about it. I’ve been going through a hard time.
Ramu : What’s the matter, why don’t you come up with it?
Gopal : I don’t know how to put it across to you. 1 think I won’t yet through the Exam.
Ramu : I’ve always been telling you not to put off studies till the last minute.
Gopal : I know I will have to bring myself round to putting in regular hours of hard work. I’m so worried.
Ramu : Stop worrying and get down to studies. You can surely make up for the time lost.

Nagesh Introducing his cousin Suresh to Benjamin

Nagesh : Hello Suresh, how are you? (greeting)
Suresh : Fine, Thank you. How are you?
Nagesh : I am fine too. (responding to greeting) Benjamin, meet
Mr.Suresh, my cousin. Suresh, meet my friend, Benjamin.
Suresh : How do you do? (responding to first introduction)
Benjamin : How do you do?
Nagesh : Benjamin, yesterday I saw your brother going to St.Martha’s hospital. What’s the matter?
Benjamin : My father has been admitted there. He had a mild
heart attack.
Nagesh : How sad! It’s very unfortunate. (expressing sympathy)
Suresh : Oh! How is he now?
Benjamin : He’s still in the ICU. But the doctor says that there is
nothing to worry.
Suresh : Thank God! (expressing relief)
Nagesh : I wish him a speedy recovery. Hope he’ll get well soon.
Benjamin: I hope so too. See you later.
Suresh : See you. Bye!
Nagesh : See you again. Bye! (taking leave)


Kumar : (Picks up the receiver of ringing phone) Hello! This is phone number 25832411. This is Kumar here.

Rajini : Hello! I’m Rajini. May I speak to Radha please?

Kumar : Just a minute. Kindly be on the line.

Radha : Hi Rajini! How are you? Where were you all these days? Everytime I called your landline, the answering voice from the exchange said that your number did not exist!

Rajini : I’ve changed my residence. I now stay at Annanagar and my phone number is 26154848. I couldn’t call you because I had taken up a new job – a telephone operator
in a company in Annanagar.

Radha : How do you like your job?

Rajini : It’s interesting but I find most people don’t know how to talk on a phone. They yell into the receiver loud enough to shatter my eardrums! They don’t introduce themselves either.

Radha : Why should they?

Rajini : Radha, it is an office. Someone I don’t know by voice may ring up for a person who is not present in the office. I must either convey a message or atleast inform him who had called. The caller will just bang down the receiver before I can complete my enquiry for a name or message.

Radha : I can well imagine your plight! Banging down the receiver without a ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’ speaks poorly of one’s behaviour. I’ve often experienced it myself. The phone will ring in the middle of the night, and when I pick up the receiver, the caller will ask for some unknown person. Before I can complete my answer that there is no such person here, the caller will disconnect without so much as a ‘sorry’ for disturbing my sleep!

Rajini : I think we should start a short Summer Course on “Telephone Etiquette”.

Radha : Yes, we should! Let’s do it. We’ll plan it! Summer hols is still far away!

Rajini : When do I get to meet you again?

Radha : Will you be free on Sunday?

Rajini : Yes, I’ll call you up and fix the time, Ok? Bye for now.

Radha : Bye!

Among a group of wedding guests conversation

Ravi : Hi!You look familiar! Are you the groom’s colleague?

Prabhu : No, a close friend of the groom’s brother. I’m Prabhu. He and I work in a  publishing house. I’m an accountant in T S Publications.

Ravi : Oh! Is that so? They are one of the leading publishers, I’m told, with a high turn over! Your work must be quite  interesting.

Prabhu : Far from it! It is a nine-to-five job, with a lot of paper work and a fixed salary with no perks. But it is my first job so I am learning the ropes to gain experience.

Ravi : I’m Ravi. I am with a small-scale industry. We produce nuts and bolts for  automobile ancillary units. I look after administration as well as quality control, though my designation is Senior Manager , Accounts.

Prabhu : You must be on your toes the whole day!

Ravi : Not at all! It’s a safe and sedate  job especially when you have a responsible team under your command. Besides, there are no transfers, no chances of embezzlement and no bossy orders from the top. Everything works on set schedules and procedures, so I can go about my work in a mechanical way till I am ready for retirement.

Kumar : I’m Kumar – Ravi’s cousin. He calls his monotonous job a sedate one. Not my cup of tea! I’m in the State Fire fighting Department. I literally and figuratively keep climbing ladders.

Prabhu : Wow!You are the kind of person the kittens like!

Kumar : Yes!We do occasionally save kittens from trees and dogs caught in large garbage bins, but more often we are fighting fires in narrow streets and high-rise buildings.

Prabhu : Interesting! What are your hours of work? Twenty- four hours? How about your salary?

Kumar : Not always. It’s not a nine-to-five job, nor a part time one. Nor is it exactly flexi-time.We follow a shift system on roster but adjust in a crisis with an over-time and often forego our time-off voluntarily. As for salary, its a government scale of pay with PF, CCA, HRA, increment, bonus name it, we have it!

Prabhu : Do you have any other perquisites or privileges?

Kumar : Of course! We are fully insured with medical facilities. Promotions are smooth and quick depending on our performance. We have our share of holidays with travel allowance and earned leave but “priority to the call of duty” is the unspoken law.

Suresh : Duty is always the priority! I’m Suresh, a doctor – specialist in Cardiology and my cell-phone and keys are always within reach!

Kumar : You look too young to be a doctor! And how is your job? Is it as exciting as mine?

Suresh : Well! … exciting .. er… yes, in a way. It is as high-risk a job as yours, because one wrong diagnosis or a careless movement of the lancet and my career is as good as dead! Ravi : Do you have fixed working hours when there are no outpatients or theatre-operations?

Suresh : No, we are not bound by time-schedules, only duty schedules. And other aspects like transfer are only in government hospitals and private chain-hospitals. Promotions .. well, you climb the career ladder on the percentage of patients you successfully send out with full recovery. In other words, your career growth is synonymous with your experience measured by the trust your patients have in you.

Prabhu : How about you? Are you with Kumar? You look as young as him!

Gopal : No, I’m the bride’s cousin. I am a trainee at an engineering unit. I have been appointed through my Institute’s placement interviews.

Prabhu : Normally trainees are green at their jobs and are bound to get “kicked around” a bit before they get stream-lined into a specialised area of work. How is it with you?

Gopal : Well, nothing to provoke complaints, but the boss is a demanding, tough task-master. He has a reputation of having sacked thrice as many trainees as he has had promoted. So I’m already on the look out for another opening so that I can quit before he dismisses me!

Prabhu : You trainees are paid quite a sum these days ! Thirty years ago an “apprentice” as he was called then, earned a “stipend” of a maximum of Rs.100/- per month!

Gopal : Yes, job benefits are sound and having a pay-slip showing a five-digit salary when we are just out of college, is quite intoxicating. Besides, we have all other facilities and perks. There’s travel allowance, over-time pay when we work late hours; and there are luncheons and dinners galore on the slightest pretext of a conference. And the work is really challenging enough, to not burn out with fatigue or boredom.

Prabhu : So when does your training get over?

Gopal : It’s a six month traineeship, then if I satisfy my boss I am promoted right away into ‘executive’ position. From thereon success depends on quantitative and qualitative project completion. The more impressive my portfolio, the better are the chances of growth.

Prabhu : All the best Gopal! Shiva : Hey! Don’t leave me out! I’m Shiva, the bride’s kid brother, and I am with the largest group in India. It’s called the UGGI, the Unemployed Graduate Group of Idlers!

All : Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!! …

Immanuel and Aishwarya – Friend talk

Aishwarya : What sleek computers I find here! Could these small boxes contain such enormous information on anything and everything under the sun and on earth? What is that small thing with a tail?
Imrmanuel : It is a mouse.
Aishwarya : But it doesn’t wag its tail.
Immanuel : It’s you who is wagging the tail. The mouse helps you to access the monitor.
Aishwarya : I hope the computer monitor is not as strict as my class monitor. Now, is that a typing machine?
Immanuel : That’s called a keyboard.
Aishwarya : Will it produce music?
Immanuel : (Smiles) It helps you key in information into the computer.
Aishwarya : Now I’m getting curiouser and curiouser. What is this tower-like thing?
Immanuel : That’s the central processing unit -CPU.
Aishwarya : What does it contain?
Immanuel : It contains the hard disk, motherboard, floppy drive, CD drive, etc., all of which go to make a computer. These are the components which help the computer process information and
answer all your questions,
Aishwarya : Will the computer tell me whether I need to buy it or not?
Immanuel : ?!

Arjun and Mahesh – conversation between friend series

Arjun : Good afternoon sir! I’m Arjun. I am working on an important assignment and I would like to get it done at your Centre.
Mahesh : Fine! Let’s go to Page Set up first. Do you want it in A 4. Letter, Legal or Custom Size?
Arjun : I’ve been asked to do it in A 4.
Mahesh : Is the layout, portrait or landscape?
Arjun : What does that mean?
Mahesh : Well, portrait is the vertical layout, with the page height greater than the width, while landscape is the horizontal layout with the page width greater
Arjun : I think portrait is OK.
Mahesh : Let me set the margins Now, what about the font?
Arjun : My teacher has suggested that I use Times New Roman font, size 12.
Mahesh : That’s the standard book form. Can I use bold/ italics wherever necessary for highlighting?
Arjun : Yes, Sir.
Mahesh : Now, we’ 11 have to save
Arjun : (grins) From the mouse nibbling my document?
Mahesh : Is that a trap, naughty boy?
Arjun : Well, Sir Now, how do we save?
Mahesh : We’ll have to go to File and then click on Save. Now give me a name.
Arjun : ‘Std. XI Communicative English’.
Mahesh : Well, that’s done. Now your assignment will be stored in the computer in that name.
Arjun : Can I have a print-out now?
Mahesh : Yes. Do you need a laser or ink-jet?
Arjun : What’s the difference?
Mahesh : The out-put is faster and more impressive in laser. And it costs a rupee more.
Arjun : Why is that?
Mahesh : Laser printers are of high quality and they use laser beams.
Arjun : I’ll go in for laser then.
Mahesh : Here it is.
Arjun : Thank you, Sir.