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Asking leave in school – dialogue in school


Gopal : May I come in, sir?

Headmaster : Yes, of course. What do you want?

Gopal : Sir, May I get an application form for


Headmaster : We have not yet received them from the

office. You

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may come after a week.

Gopal : But my parents are leaving for Varanasi in two


Headmaster : In that case

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you might try to get it from the


Gopal : Thank you, sir.


1. ‘May’ is the expression used in asking for permission.

2. ‘May’ is also used for suggesting probability.

3. ‘Might’ is used for polite suggestion.

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dialogue between two student

Ravi : Hi,Gopal. What news?
Gopal : We are planning to visit Chennai in the month of
February. Why don’t you join us?
Ravi : Certainty I will. Which places are you going to visit?
Gopal : We want to visit the Legislative Assembly and the
museum in addition to other places of interest.
Ravi : In that case, you should get prior permission. You
should write to the Assembly Secretary …………..
Gopal : Can you help us in drafting the letter?
Ravi : Tell me the date o f visit, the number o f persons and
Gopal : We are a group often and we wouId I like to visit
the assembly on 12.6.03 at about 11 a.m.
Ravi : OK. I shall draft it neatly.

General conversation in English

Mr. Wellington : I used to see you frequently at the doctor’s. Now I don’t. I suppose you’re fit and well.
Mr. Illingworth : In fact, I haven’t been enjoying good health of late. I was suffering from continuous high grade fever and severe bouts of cold. I was down with typhoid, followed by a malarial attack. As I was recuperating, I slipped down the stairs and fractured my arm. I also sustained a ligament tear in my left ankle. To top it all I almost had a cardiac arrest. I was admitted in the hospital. I was there for ten days. I was discharged only last week. I’m convalescing at my son’s place now. The neighbour over three coughs all night. I’m already suffering from insomnia. I thought I could go over to my daughter’s place in Bangalore. But you know I have wheezing, and the climate over there might aggravate it. Moreover…..
Mr. Wellington : But what does the doctor suggest?
Mr. Illingworth : Which doctor?
Mr. Wellington : The doctor at the clinic, where I see you, whenever I pass by.
Mr. Illingworth : Well, that’s my clinic, and I’m the doctor.
Mr. Wellington : ?!

Pets at the Vet’s – conversation with doctor

Mr. Bhairav : Doctor, my dog is scratching like crazy all the time. She has lost lot of hair.  I’m afraid she wouldn’t win this year’s Ms. Beautiful Hair at the Annual Dog Show.

Vet : Let me see. Well, she’s infested with fleas. I’ll prescribe a shampoo and powder. For now, my assistant will apply a lotion. Do not wash it immediately. Let it dry for three to four hours. Then bathe her with this shampoo. Dry her after her bath and apply this powder. ……

Ms. Kitty : Doctor, My cat hasn’t eaten anything for two days.

Vet : Let me take a look. (inspects the cat) By the way, Ms. Kitty, you seem to have gone down quite a bit since I saw you last.

Ms. Kitty : Well, doctor. You’re right. I’ve been attending a dieting and slimming course.
Vet : Have you been taking her with you?

Ms. Kitty : Of, course. She follows me wherever I go.

Vet : No, wonder then. She’s dieting too!

Ms. Kitty : What do I do, doctor?

Vet : Well, have you tried tempting her with a plateful of fish and lot of milk?

Ms. Kitty : No, doctor. You see, I would be tempted on seeing a plateful of food. And what would happen to my Ms.Chennai dream? ……

Anila : Doctor, I picked up a baby squirrel from the garden yesterday. She is bruised. Must’ve fallen off the tree.

Vet : (treats the squirrel)I’ve applied an antiseptic cream. That’ll do. She’ll
be alright.

Anila : Doctor, how do I feed her? She is too weak to drink from the saucer.

Vet : Try tube-feeding her until she gets strong.

conversation between two school boys:

Rajesh : Why are you worried about your project? Switch on to Discovery Channel or Animal Planet. You’ll get enough information through the various documentaries on wild animals. Don’t you read the newspaper everyday? The dailies carry magazine sections during the week, and the Sunday supplement has several features on Nature Science. I am sure you’ll find sufficient material to work on.

Prasad : Thank you, Rajesh. I’ll check the paper but how would I know when those programmes would be relayed on TV?

Rajesh : “A guide to Radio and Television” is a regular section in the paper. It gives you the various programmes under each channel and the time of relay – be it news, quiz, game or chat shows, comedy or drama series, documentaries, movies, sit.coms, soap operas or
current affairs, live commentary or recorded highlights of games.

Prasad : You must be spending a lot of time on TV viewing!

Rajesh : Not at all! The TV is shared by the family – we are eight members! … we have cable TV facility with  channels, so there is a constant tussle between us as to what should be watched, when and how! Either the volume has to be turned up for my grandmother
who is short of hearing or it has to be turned down for my sister who is frequently writing entrance exams. And then, there’s my younger sister and brother who quarrel over the remote control and keep switching channels. While one wants Cartoon Network the other wants a sponsored serial. I get to watch TV only when they’re showing a good film or
music programme. That’s when there’s a unanimous choice in the family. I do listen to radio programmes often. I can receive broadcasts from all over the world on my radio and I can pick up many interesting stations on the short wave. Even the radio comes in for tug-of-war between my brother and sister, especially when the FM radio is broadcasting
‘Listener’s choice’ anchored by their favourite radio jockeys.

Prasad : Then how is it you know so much about TV programmes?

Rajesh : My source of information is the newspaper. There’s everything under the sun in it. Some newspapers focus on sensational news whereas a quality newspaper reports facts and editors take care to be objective. I prefer a newspaper to TV or radio because I can choose what I want to know on my own time. If I am in a hurry I read only headlines and get to reading the news reports, the editorial and other feature articles at my leisure. The newspaper has so many other interesting sections. There’s the regional, national, and international news, sports reports, the business news, the special supplements, cartoons,
crosswords, zodiac predictions, weather forecasts, classified ads, what not! Even an obituary column – my grandfather makes me read it to him everyday and most often he knows those old persons and tells me so many interesting anecdotes from their lives.

Prasad : Don’t tell me you read all the newspapers available?!

Rajesh : No, I don’t but it’s not impossible! I’m told that a certain U.S President would  read eight newspapers during his morning cup of tea, and was able to quote from them during his discussions in the White House. It is a matter of speed-reading really. The newspaper has no doubt helped me improve my reading skills!

Prasad : Thanks Rajesh. You’ve been a great help!

Physical Education Teacher & Renuka

PET : Renu!You were mainly responsible for the victory of our team in hockey. That’s great.

Renuka : But, Sir, I am anxious about playing for the state tournament.

PET : You are doing fine. There’s nothing to feel discouraged.

Renuka : Thank you for your encouragement, Sir. I’m now going home for the week end.

PET : Convey my regards to your Dad.

Renuka : Yes, Sir. Let me take leave of you.

PET : OK, Bye.

Renuka : Good-bye, Sir.

Headmaster with students conversation

Srinath : Good morning, Sir. (greeting-formal)
Headmaster : Good morning Mr. Srinath.
Prabhu : Hello, Srinath. (greeting-informal)
Srinath : Hello Prabhu. how are you?
Prabhu : I’m fine. How are you?
Headmaster : I am glad you both have come on time. (expressing happiness)
Srinath : Sir, it is very kind of you to have invited us. (thanking-formal)
Headmaster : It’s a pleasure! (responding to thanks) My wife
suggested that we ask you both over to tea.
Prabhu : We too have been wanting to visit you.
Headmaster : Thanking you. (neutral) Shall we start with the slices of cake? (suggesting) Would you like these plum cakes?
Srinath : I would love to. (expressing liking)
Headmaster : Help yourselves with these sandwiches.(offering)
Prabhu : They are really delicious!
Headmaster : Mr. Sri, how do you like your tea? Strong (asking for liking)
Srinath : Not very strong Sir. Thank you. (thankingneutral)
Headmaster : Welcome! (responding to thanking you Mr. Prabhu?
Prabhu : A little strong, (stating slight preference)
Headmaster : I think you take more sugar.
Prabhu : Yes Sir, two spoonfuls.
Headmaster : Here you are. By the way, how’s our students’ performance?
Srinath : We can expect better result this year.
Headmaster : That’s fine.
Prabhu : I can assure you a minimum often centums in Mathematics.
Headmaster : Oh, really. That’s great! (expressing satisfaction)
How about another cup of tea? (suggestinginformal)
Prabhu : That’s very kind of you. Sir (thanking- formal) But I am afraid I am full. (refusing politely)

School Pupil Leader (SPL) with senior students.

Student 1 : When are we getting the bus passes? Many of our friends are asking for it.

SPL : I’m meeting the Headmaster this evening to represent the matter. But I am a little scared

.Student 2 : Why should you? Go ahead. We’re right behind you.

SPL : Thanks a lot.

Student 1 : We were told that he was not too well yesterday. So, before opening the matter, please enquire after his health.

SPL : I’ll try my best to convince the Headmaster about the problem.

Student 1 and 2: All the best.

SPL : Thank you.

Offer of scholarship to study in Malaysia.

Principal : Don’t you think the scholarship is a great boon you’ve got. Why do you decline this offer?

Rahim : I do realise the value of the scholarship, sir. But if I could explain, my mother doesn’t want me to go overseas.

Principal : Why?

Rahim : You know, Sir. I am a fatherless boy and I’m the only son at home. My mother living alone for three years in my absence! She cannot even think of it.

Principal : Nobody to take care of her?

Rahim : My uncle, my mother’s brother, is already in Dubai.

Principal : Oh, I see. Then you are justified.

A student and a teacher – simple conversation

Student : Excuse me, Madam.

Teacher : Yes.

Student : A few of us from our class are representing our school in a Space and Science exhibition. It is to be held next week at the Birla Planetarium, Chennai. We would like to go to the library to refer to books and prepare for it. May we leave early today?

Teacher : Yes, you may. But get the principal’s permission first.

Student : Yes, Ma’m.

Teacher : What have you planned to exhibit?

Student : We are working on a model of a space shuttle.

Teacher : That’s good. All the best!