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Priya and a salesperson – sample salesperson conversation

Priya : May I have a kilo of green gram please?

Salesperson : Sure, Madam. It is Rs. 20/- a kilo.

Priya : How much is a kilo of basmati rice?

Salesperson : There are two varieties. This one is Rs. 45/- per kilo and the other is Rs. 32/- per kilo.

Priya : Seems expensive! Give me a kilo of the second variety.

Salesperson : Anything else, Madam?

Priya : Please pack 5 cakes of Hamam soap, 1 loaf of bread, a packet of safety pins and 5 chocolate bars.

Salesperson : Here is the bill, Madam. You can collect the items at Counter No. 1.

Priya : Thank you. (At the electrical goods section)

Gita : Let’s take a look at the washing machine.

Priya : They all look good. Let’s take a look at their functions and the price.

Gita : This one has a wash tub and a drier and a 2-year guarantee.

Priya : How much does it cost?

Salesperson : It comes to Rs. 15,000/-

Priya : Don’t you have any festival offer?

Salesperson : You will get a 10% discount and a gift as well, Madam.

Priya : Could you please check the piece for me? Also, please explain the various functions.

Salesperson : Gladly, Madam.

Norgay and Hillary – Daily life conversation in friends

Norgay : Ready? Shall we make a move?

Hillary : My feet are numb and chill. Why don’t you go in the front, cutting steps? I’ll follow you close behind.

Norgay : All right.
(They start moving)

Norgay : Be careful! Don’t go to your left. The thin crust is very soft. It might give way.

Hillary : I’ll be careful. (After walking a few hundred feet)

Hillary : Look here’s a tiny hollow.

Norgay : See what I’ve found – two oxygen bottles.

Hillary : Must have been left behind by Evans and Bourdillion who came earlier.

Norgay : Must be. Let us check if there’s any oxygen left.

Hillary : Scrape off the ice first.

Norgay : (A sigh of relief on his face) We’re lucky. There’s still several hundred litres left. Should definitely see us through. (After some time)

Norgay : My! Watch your step. Here take my hand. Are you all right?

Hillary : Yes, I somehow slipped. I think from now on it’s going to be pretty risky. Do you think it’s advisable to continue?

Norgay : The condition is quite bad. But, as you wish.

Hillary : Mmm… let’s try and keep going.

A company representative and a job seeker

Ram: Hello, can I speak to Ms. Gita?

Gita : This is Gita. May I know who’s calling?

Ram: I’m Ram Prakash from Accel Computers. You have been short-listed for the first round of interviews. I need some more information from your side.

Gita : Oh sure Mr. Prakash. Please go ahead.

Ram: You have completed your MCA with high first class. Why did you apply for this job?

Gita : Market sources say Accel Computers is among the front runners in computer education. I therefore thought it was the best place to start a career.

Ram: I see. But given your academic background, won’t you be tempted to try for bigger and better prospects abroad? What kind of a commitment can you give us?

Gita : I have no intention of going abroad, Sir. I prefer to work for an indigenous company rather than faceless MNCs or foreign companies.

Ram: That’s very interesting. When will you be available for employment?

Gita : Immediately, Sir.

Ram: Great. I will get back to you in a couple of days through e-mail.

Gita : OK, Sir. And thank you for your time.

Ram: You are welcome Gita. Have a good day.

Gita : Thank you, Sir.

Conversation At the bank

Arun : Excuse me, Sir. I would like to open an SB account. Could you tell me the procedure, please?

Bank : First of all, fill in this form. It contains details regarding Manager your name, age, address, etc. Then, somebody will have to introduce you – somebody who is already an account-holder in this bank.

Arun : Sir, my headmaster has an account here. He will be here shortly.

Bank : Well, that’s settled then. You will also have to affix one Manager passport size photograph on the passbook, after it is issued to you.

Arun : Yes, Sir. I will do that.

Bank : Remember, your signature is very important. You must Manager put three specimen signatures, and you must always take care to sign in the same manner.

Arun : Fine, Sir! I’ll remember that. Sir, what is the minimum deposit?

Bank : You will have to deposit a minimum of Rs.500/- in your Manager account.

Arun : Will I be given a cheque-book?

Bank : For that, the minimum balance ought to be Rs.1000/- Manager

Arun : Alright, Sir. In case, I want to have a fixed deposit, what will be the rates of interest?

Bank : Our rates of interest will be 6% p.a. Manager (Arun fills the form and hands it over to the Bank Manager.)

Arun : Sir, here is the form. I have filled it. Where should I pay the money, Sir?

Bank : At the teller’s. See! It’s the counter over there. You will also /Manager have to fill the pay-in slip, and hand it over to the teller, along with the money. After depositing the money, you can collect your passbook. I will credit the entry into your account.

Arun : Thank you, Sir!

At the restaurant – English conversation

Asha : Shall we sit at that table, near the window?

Lekha : Yes, we shall.

Eswari : What shall we have first?

Asha : I think I’ll have some cheese-sandwiches first.

Lekha : Let me have a look at the menu and then decide.

Eswari : I would like to have a mushroom pizza.

Lekha : I prefer masala dosa.

Asha : Let’s call the bearer and place the order.

Eswari : Bearer, could we place the order?

Bearer : Yes, Ma’m. What would you like to have?

Lekha : Please bring us one plate of cheese-sandwiches, one mushroom pizza and one masala dosa.

Eswari : What else would you two like to have?

Asha : Samosas.

Lekha : Yes, and some potato chips too.

Bearer : Yes, Ma’m. (The dishes are served and they eat.)

Eswari : Asha, please pass me that glass of water.

Lekha : Eswari, would you like to have some more chips?

Eswari : No, thank you.

Asha : Lekha, that samosa is for you. Please have it.

Eswari : Care for some coffee?

Lekha : Tea, for me.

Eswari : Asha, what would you prefer?

Asha : I would rather like to have vanilla ice cream.

Eswari : Bearer! Please get us one cup of tea and one cup of vanilla ice cream. Do you have rose milk?

Bearer : Yes, Ma’m. It’s available.

Eswari : Then, I would like to have a glass of rose milk, please. (After they finish.)

Eswari : Bearer! Please bring us the bill.

Asha : Eswari, Lekha and me shall wait in the lobby. You can pay the bill and join us there.

Eswari : Yes, I’ll do that.

(Asha and Lekha leave. The bearer brings the bill and Eswari pays.)

Eswari : Thank you, Sir!

Bearer : Thank you, Ma’m!

conversation on Clothes for all occasions and seasons

Ayesha : Batik Aloha shirts, damask midi skirt, kid leather gloves, Roman Sandals, sun-hat (summer wear)

Rahul : Cotton jersey; matching chinos, sneakers, Havelock cap (casual wear)

Smitha : Brocade evening gown, satin long gloves, gossamer veil, Babouche slippers (bridal wear)

Deepak : Polo Shirt, Corduroy breeches, gauntlets, Balmorals, jockey cap (Sports wear)

Reena : Cashmere pullover, pleated flannel skirt, high-button buck-skin shoes, beret (winter wear)

Girish : Tuxedo, bow-tie, dress shoes (semi-formal evening wear)

Kumar : Embroidered Sherwani, Kashmirian Cap, Zariembroidered Sandals (ethnic formal evening wear)

Sarala : Lucknow Chikan Voile Salwar, matching churidhar, georgette dupatta, flat sandals (ethnic casual wear)

Shop Assistant and Customer conversation in English

Shop Assistant : Good morning, Madam. It’s aniceday today, isn’t it?

Customer : Yes, it is. I am a bit early to get my bill, aren’t I?

Shop Assistant : I Just opened the shop.

Customer : You have got my bill read y, haven’ t you?

Shop Assistant : Yes, it’s ready.

Customer : Then I can pay the bill now, can’t I?

Shop Assistant : Certainly Madam …mm…mm…. You’re Mrs. Chandini Sekar, aren’t you?

Customer : Yes, that’s right. I owe you for three weeks, don’t I?

Shop Assistant : Oh yes, here you are Mrs.Chandini five hundred and twenty four rupees.

Customer : This bill exceeds five hundred. Oh! My goodness!

Shop Assistant : Do you still say the day is nice?

Customer : Come on, don’t tease me. You don’t mind a cheque, do you?

Shop Assistant : No madam, that will be alright. Thank you.

Customer : Welcome.

English conversation in Bank – Clerk and customer

(John’s father sends him to the bank to deposit Rs.500/-. He goes to                                                              the bank and seeks the help of the clerk).
John : Sir, I want to deposit Rs.500/- in my father’s account.
Clerk : Fill in the challan and give it at the counter.
John : Can I make use of this yellow slip?
Clerk : No, that’s for withdrawal. Please use the blue one.
John : May I seek your help in filling this?
Clerk : I’m sorry. I’m a little busy. Can you wait for some time? I shall ask the attendant to help you.
John : Thank you sir.
(The attendant helps John. Then John gives the challan and the
money to the cashier
Cashier : This ten rupee note is very soiled. I can’t accept it.
John : Sir, I don’t have any other note. Anyway the value is the same. It is not like human love which changes with appearance.
Cashier : I see your point. I’ll take the note.